Xtreme Racing

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About Xtreme Racing


Play Xtreme Racing to participate in the most thrilling race. Move left or right to dodge buildings and try to gain the highest possible score.

In this game, you will traverse the city with many high buildings. Your mission is to dodge these buildings and fly as far as possible. The further you can fly, the higher score you can get. Attempt to gain the highest possible score. Besides, you can collect extra points along the way.

This game features the first-person perspective, which brings you the most immersive playing experience. Play this game now and let's see what your highest score is. Challenge your friends to play the game and beat your best record. If you are interested in this game, why don't you try playing Trackmania Blitz, Speedboat Challenge Racing, Plane Racing Madness, and Geometry Dash on our website?

How to control

Press Left-Right Arrow Keys or hold the left mouse button to play.