Pong Game


Pong Game is a game that simulates the sport of ping pong. In this game, you have a goal of trying to hit the ball and score points to become the winner.

The Rules of Pong Game

This game has a similar gameplay to the real-life ping pong game. Each player's aim is to hit the ball toward his opponent and score points. You will get a point if the player is unable to catch the ball you hit. In contrast, if you can't catch the ball and let it pass the allowed position, your opponent will receive points.

One-player and two-player modes

As everyone knows, the sport of ping pong requires at least two players. However, you can join this pong game in both single-player and two-player modes. When you're in single-player mode, you'll be competing against a computer ping-pong player. In two-player mode, you and one of your friends will be rivals and compete to see who is the best ping-pong player. Both modes have the same rules. Come and enjoy!

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