Monkey Mart


Monkey Mart is an online game where you are in the role of a monkey and open a mart. Let's see how you run the mart and the developing speed of your mart.

At the beginning of the game, you own an empty supermarket and a sum of $35. This money is considered capital and you must use it to start your supermarket business journey. With this $35, what can you do? A checkout counter, a product display stand, and a banana tree are all you can do right now. Banana trees will give delicious yellow bananas. You pick those bananas and display them on the shelf. The monkeys in the forest will come and buy them. The checkout counter is the place where you will pack your products and receive money from Monkey customers.

Develop the mart

Expand the products

Over a period of time selling bananas, you will save some money. Use that money to grow more bananas or grow other produce items. The more money you earn, the more you can expand your supermarket with different sides like corn, eggs, chicken, cow's milk, popcorn, and more.

Hire staff

Hire more staff to be able to serve the monkey customers in the best way. As a result, customers are satisfied with your service and come back more often.

Features of the game

  • Simple to play and control with the mouse.
  • There are unlimited products and the game can be upgraded with more staff.
  • Learn the rule of managing a mart through the game.
  • It's easy to set up sound and music like Geometry Dash Lite.
  • Buy great items like hats or beards in the Shop.
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