Eggy Car


Transport the egg to its destination safely in the Eggy Car game! Become a professional transporter and a skilled driver in this driving game.

The gameplay

Welcome to the popular driving game from the game development company BeedoGames called Eggy Car. Published on major game platforms in 2019, this game will not really explode until 2023. The gameplay of this game challenges the player's driving skills as you not only have to control the car through difficult terrain but also make sure the egg on the car does not fall. The egg is oval in shape and lacks any support or protection. Therefore, it is easy to fall from the car when you drive the car uphill or downhill. How are your driving skills? This will be demonstrated through this game.

Interesting features of Eggy Car

  • One player
  • Full-screen mode
  • Interesting, attractive, simple, and addictive gameplay
  • Great features and sound effects
  • All people can play this game
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