Amanda the Adventurer


Ready to accompany Amanda to conquer the challenges in the game Amanda the Adventurer. Explore different environments in this adventure game.

Background of the game

The game is about a thrilling journey of you, Amanda, and the sheep Wooly. Specifically, one day, you find a videotape of Amanda and the sheep Wooly. They talked happily and explored the world together. You want to join them and that's why you're here. Everything is slowly being revealed.

Enjoy the horror adventure in Amanda the Adventurer

It can be said that this is an interesting horror game like never before. Starting the game, you will feel that there is no horror in this game. However, signs are gradually being revealed about the real Amanda. For example, when a sheep eats an apple and something bad happens, Amanda acts as if nothing happened. Join and discover the mysterious but interesting things in this game.

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