Avatar Game


In the Avatar Game, players will be taken on a strange and attractive adventure while enjoying interesting rhythms. Experience this game immediately.

Welcome everyone to an attractive game of avatargame2.com - a game developer called Avatar Game. Coming to this game, you will enjoy challenging speed moments. How challenging! Let's explore!


Use the mouse, touchscreen, and space bar to play.

How the game works

This 2D game is designed based on the story of Geometry Dash and Avatar Movie. The movements of running, jumping, and flying will be performed in this game to help your character avoid dangerous obstacles. You will face the obstacles that appear continuously and more and more often in this game. In particular, it will be even more difficult when your character's running speed becomes faster and faster. If you don't have a quick reaction, you may lose. However, you do not need to worry much about that. Surely your reaction speed will become better and better when you play and practice with this Avatar Game. Have fun!

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