Rolling Ball 3D


Rolling Ball 3D is an awesome endless running game. Guide a 3D ball down a series of intertwined slopes and collect as many blue diamonds as possible.

Prepare for a thrilling running race in Slope City. In this race, you must control your ball to roll on the interconnected slopes at a fast speed. Not only do the slopes have tons of dangerous obstacles, but they also swing constantly. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the ball balanced while it rolls on the slopes. Besides, you also need to guide it to move left or right to dodge the square obstacles on the track. Furthermore, not all slopes are interconnected. Sometimes, there are insurmountable leaps between them. You must utilize the slanted boards to jump as high as possible to overcome these leaps. Do your best to go as far as possible.

In addition to going far, your mission is also to collect blue diamonds which are scattered on the track. They are really important, so you should attempt to collect as many diamonds as possible. Come on! Play the game now to experience moments of excitement and entertainment while you run on the endless racetrack. If you find this game interesting, don't forget to check out Geometry Dash which is the most popular game on our website. Besides, you can try playing World Of Solitaires which is an interesting solitaire game.

How to control

Press A-D keys or Q-D keys or LEFT OR RIGHT ARROW KEYS to control the ball.

Click the left mouse to choose the boosters

Interesting items in the shop of Rolling Ball 3D

Many boosters

In the shop, three boosters are sold at different prices. All of them will assist you a lot as the game progresses. Therefore, if you have a lot of diamonds, don't hesitate to purchase them. Here is the list of boosters in the game and their functions.

  • The Shield: It is the most expensive booster in the shop. Specifically, it costs 500 diamonds. You can use it to protect your ball from the damage of the obstacles on the path. However, it will not work if your ball falls out of the racetrack. Moreover, its effect will disappear right after your ball crashes into an obstacle.
  • The Magnet: Its price is 200 diamonds. If you want to get more diamonds, buy the magnet. This booster will create a magnetic cover around the ball, which helps to attract all nearby diamonds. Like the Shield, its effect will disappear after you hit the obstacle.
  • The x2 Multiplier: It is the cheapest booster in the shop. Its function is to double the number of diamonds that you collected. Purchase it to gain more diamonds.

Various ball skins

This game offers a variety of balls such as basketball, tennis ball, soccer ball, baseball, beach ball, pool ball, billiard balls, and even the Earth. They have different prices. The Earth is the most expensive ball with a price of 2000 diamonds while the cheapest ball is the basketball. You can use the diamonds you earn to purchase your favorite ball. Using different balls in the races will bring you a scintillating playing experience.

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