Top Speed Racing 3D


Top Speed Racing 3D is a racing game where you can compete in the most intense races. You drive around the city to locate events and accomplish the objectives.

You can participate in the most grueling race ever, complete with challenging levels and inconceivable obstacles to put your talents to the test. This game gives you the chance to show off your racing skills as a great racer.

You have to steer the vehicle around obstacles while collecting bonuses. You can also participate in the event to increase your earnings. Drive around the city looking for events to do to finish it. Various harrowing events, such as parkour and drifting, are available. If you complete a track, you will receive money.

Apart from that, you can show off your personality by designing a race car and modernizing your automobiles.

Features of Top Speed Racing 3D

  • High graphic quality
  • Single-player
  • Upgrade vehicles
  • Various challenging events

How to play

  • WASD or Arrow Keys to drive
  • Left, Right Space to break
  • L Shift of R Shift to nitro
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