Raft Wars


Raft Wars is a single simple yet fun shooting game for everyone. Defending the island full of gold from evil pirates in this game is your goal.

Background of the game

During a trip to the sea, your little brother found a gold mine on the sand by accident. This story was written in the newspaper and everyone knew about it. The evil pirates, knowing this news, decided to invade the island and rob the treasure. You and your little brother are determined to protect the island from these pirates. That's why you and your brother are trying to shoot them down.

Shoot down the pirates to protect the island

When pirates appear, you and they become enemies of each other. You and your enemy stand at a long distance from each other. A suffocating gunfight ensues to decide who the island belongs to: you or the pirates. Use the mouse to navigate the gun as well as the gun's rate of fire. Defeat them all to become the owner of the island.

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