Jump Bunny Jump


Have fun with a cute rabbit in Jump Bunny Jump. Take control of the rabbit to jump as high as possible and collect many gold coins and power-ups.

A little rabbit invents the catapult as he wants to jump as high as possible. Can you help him? Hold the Spacebar and then release it to make the rabbit jump. While he is jumping, you need to control him to fly to the left or right to collect coins and power-ups such as rockets, sunglasses, and magnets. The rocket will help the bunny jump higher while the magnet helps him gather coins automatically. Watch out for the spikes! If the bunny crashes into them, he will fall to the ground and the game ends.

Come on! Play the game now and let's see how high you can jump. If you are keen on this game, check out Parkour Climb And Jump, Geometry Dash, and Jumper Starman on our website.

How to control

Press the Spacebar to shoot the rabbit.

Press Left-Right Arrow Keys to fly to the left or right.

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