Drift Hunters


Drift Hunters is a free-to-play 3D game with a large variety of tracks and tuned-up cars. Take the wheel and demonstrate the sheer awesomeness of the drift.

How to play the Drift Hunters game?


In-game, the longer you drift, the higher your point multiplier grows. You can use the points to buy exotic cars such as the high-performance Porsche 911 GT. There are over 25 completely customizable vehicles available for purchase.


Each car you buy can be fully tuned, including brake balance, turbo, rear offset, front camber, and many other options. These features can be tweaked to find the best tuning for your drifts. You can also improve the car's performance. Better parts can be used to completely upgrade the weight, turbo, weight, and engine.

Drift Hunters Tips:

  • When approaching corners in mid-drift, use caution with acceleration.
  • To keep the drift alive, drift from side to side on straight roads.
  • Tune your cars to find the sweet spot for maximum drifting.
  • Drive on maps with plenty of room for long, uninterrupted drifting sessions.


  • To drift around the tracks, there are 26 fully customizable cars to choose from.
  • There are ten distinct locations, including racetracks and city streets.
  • With detailed car tuning, you can modify every aspect of your vehicle.
  • Browser-based game with excellent 3D graphics that can be adjusted.

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  • Use the WASD or arrow keys to steer the car.
  • Use the space as the handbrake.
  • Use C to change the camera position.
  • Use the left shift to shift up gears.
  • Use the left Ctrl to shift down gears.
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