Stickman Boost! 2 Games


Stickman Boost! 2 Games is an exciting stickman game where you try to complete the big challenge of survival in the unknown area, where there are many traps.

Play the game and show off your parkour skills. In this game, your task is to take control of a stickman to escape from the deadly maze. This maze is set with many dangerous obstacles and traps such as spikes, spinning fans, buzzsaws, bouncing shuriken guns, alien robots, buzzsaw maces, and so on. All of them will hurt you if you touch them. For that reason, you need to jump and slide down to dodge them. Be careful! Use your quick reflex and fingers to control the stickman. In addition, you will see many checkpoints along the way. Check all checkpoints to save your progress. It means that if you unexpectedly hit the obstacles and die, you will return to the last checkpoint instead of the starting point. Furthermore, there are many gold coins which are scattered on the path. Attempt to gather as many coins as possible to get a star at each stage.

Remember that your ultimate objective is to reach the final platform. You can follow the green arrow symbols on the platforms in order not to get lost. Try your best to get to the destination as soon as possible to earn achievements in the game.

How to control

Press the Left or Right Arrow Keys to move left or right

Press an Up Arrow Key to jump

Press a Down Arrow key to slide down.

New things in Stickman Boost 2! Games

Additional challenging stages and saving options

Unlike the first version, this second installment has more stages. Specifically, you are expected to complete 12 stages in this game. There are 10 normal challenge stages and two bonus stages. The bonus stages feature more hazardous obstacles and traps. If you master the game, challenge yourself with these bonus stages.

Additionally, the publisher adds two new saving options to this new version. They are Local Save and Online Save. The Local Save option allows your progress to be saved locally on your computer. If you play the game on the other device, your progress will be lost and you need to start again. Reversely, the Online Save option will help to save your progress online forever. It means that you don't need to start from Stage 1 if you change your device. Moreover, if you log in and play the game online, you will be rewarded with awesome extra stages and a cool ninja plume.

Leaderboard and Achievement

Like Geometry Dash, this game also features many achievements that you need to complete. They are only presented when you choose the Online Save option. Therefore, I recommend you choose the Online Save option to play and try to complete all achievements in the game. Likewise, the game has daily, weekly, and all-time leaderboards. You can see the names and scores of top players on these leaderboards. Do your best to get the highest possible to get a high rank on the leaderboards.

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