One More Dash


Welcome to the game One More Dash where you will strive to collect as many balls as you can. Get ready to shoot balls into the circles where the balls gather.

How to play

In this game, there are many circles containing balls. Your goal is to collect the balls in those circles. You will shoot a ball into the circle where the other balls gather. Your ball will cause other balls to fly out that you collect them. However, accomplishing this task is a difficult one. The circles all have some dangerous positions of different colors. If your ball hits those locations, the ball will crumble or fly in the other direction. As such, you will not be able to collect the balls.

Notes for player to play One More Dash

The important thing to win this game is that you have to put the ball in the circle. Therefore, you have to wait for the circle to turn into a safe position before you should shoot your ball. Try not to let the opportunity pass and wait for a new one because your ball will burst if you wait too long.

How to play


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