Slope 3


Slope 3 is the third version of the Slope game with more exciting features. Attempt to avoid crashing into the obstacles and go farthest to get a high score.

Be ready for thrilling adventures in the slope city. In this city, the slopes are interconnected. Your mission is to maneuver the ball to roll on these slopes. You must take caution with the obstacles on the track. Not only do they move from up to down, but their positions are tricky. If you can't avoid them quickly, the ball will hit them and explode. Steer the ball left or right to dodge them. In addition, the racetrack in this game features many insurmountable leaps. If you want to overcome them, you must jump as high as possible. Don't worry! There are always slanted boards at the end of each slope. You can utilize them to jump higher and overcome giant leaps easily. Try not to fall off the track if you don't want to lose soon. Moreover, you also need to be careful whenever passing through the tunnels. If you crash into the wall of the tunnel, the run is over. Attempt to keep the ball rolling in the middle of the tunnel if you don't want to lose soon. As the racetrack in the game is endless, you need to do your best to go as far as possible and gain the highest possible score.

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How to control

Press Left-Right Arrow Keys or A-D keys to move left or right.

Press an Up Arrow Key or W key to accelerate the speed.

Additional features in Slope 3 Unblocked

Beautiful theme and graphics

Unlike the original version, this new version is designed with a purple and blue neon theme. These colors will not hurt your eyes when you play the game for hours. Moreover, you can realize the obstacles easily as all obstacles are purple. This assists you a lot in dodging the obstacles along the way. In addition, the sky of the city is full of glowing stars. You can see them when running on the endless track. This brings you a scintillating playing experience.

The leaderboard and Platform

This unblocked version offers daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time leaderboards. After completing a running race, you can submit your score. Then, your score will be presented on the leaderboards which show the names and scores of top players. You can look at these leaderboards to know what your rank is. Do your best to get the highest possible to get a high rank on the leaderboard. Now the best record is 80089. Can you beat this best score and get the first rank?

Additionally, this game is available on the web browser and playable on both PC and mobile devices. Therefore, you can play it unblocked at school.

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