Highway Racer 3D


Highway Racer 3D is an attractive driving game. Your mission is to push your car to the limit and run as fast as possible while dodging other vehicles.

You can play four different game modes in this version, including one way, two way, time attack, and speed bomb. The one-way mode has lanes traveling in the same direction, while the two-way mode has lanes traveling in the same direction. Time attack mode limited time. Finally, in speed bomb mode, you drive a truck full of bombs - if you take heavy damage or impact, the bombs will explode! Moreover, you can also choose from different stages such as sunny, night, and rainy.

You have to steer your vehicle along a bustling highway and try to avoid damage from oncoming traffic! Pass countless cars and show off your driving skills by dodging the cars and trucks driving beside you!

Features of Highway Racer 3D:

  • Cool graphic and art animation
  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Unlock new character

How to play

  • Use Left and Right Arrow to move
  • Use Up Arrow to power up
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