Roller Ball 5


Embark on wonderful adventures with a red ball in Roller Ball 5. Traverse the jungle with the red ball and defeat the green monsters you meet along the way.

This game is the prequel to Roller Ball 6: Bounce Ball 6. In this version, you will join exciting adventures in the jungle with the red ball. During the adventure, you will encounter numerous obstacles such as spikes, rivers, and so on. Moreover, you also need to confront green monsters. Attempt to evade them and reach the exit portal as soon as possible. Don't forget to save your friends from the cage.

Like Heroball Run, this game also has many levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Complete all of them to earn as many coins as possible. Use these coins to buy new characters in the shop. Come on! Play the game now and have fun. If you want to join more adventures, take a look at Geometry Dash and Space Run.

How to control


Press ARROW KEYS to move and jump


Use the mouse to control

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