Survivor In Rainbow Monster


Survivor In Rainbow Monster is a horror game where you play as an astronaut trying to survive and destroy the Rainbow Monster. Can you be a winner or a loser?

There is a spaceship where you are working as an astronaut. You and the crew members of the spaceship are concentrating on work when all the lights on the spacecraft go out. Everything is in the dark. Through the inspection process, you discover that something unusual has happened. Search around and you notice that there is a monster on this airship.


Use your mouse to play

Defeat the Rainbow Monster

That monster is looking for you and you are looking for it too. Both have the same goal of destroying the other. The monster will kill you if it sees you while you are also equipping yourself with a flashlight and a gun to destroy it. Who will win: you or the Rainbow monster? Prove your shooting skills and bravery by successfully killing that monster and helping the spacecraft return to normal. Good luck!

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