Plane Racing Madness

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About Plane Racing Madness


Plane Racing Madness is an attractive driving game in which to win the race, you must pilot the aircraft while flying through dangerous terrain.

Have you ever fantasized about piloting a highly customized jet that is essentially a lethal weapon? In this game, you will become a fighter pilot and control your plane. Players will be able to select from five different types of planes. Keep to the path that has been outlined for you and steer clear of any stones or other hazards you may come across. Collect gold coins as you navigate through checkpoints so you may fund the purchase of a new aircraft.

Experience what it is like to be a real aircraft pilot and receive the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly as long as possible. In addition, you must kill all of your opponents to become a winner who owns the sky. You can choose many different gameplay modes. You can play alone if you choose Solo mode and play with friends by choosing Versus mode. Inside each model, there are many other game types for you to choose from such as Championship, Arcade, and Time Trial modes. Let's test your ingenuity when you overcome obstacles and your opponents. Good luck!

Features of Plane Racing Madness:

  • Dogfight system with 5 weapons: machine guns, missiles, mines, shields, and repairs.
  • Can unlock news items or tracks unlock when the player progresses.
  • Many modes such as Solo, Versus, and Garate.
  • Eye-catching graphics, vibrant sound.

How to play:

  • Arrow keys to control.
  • X key to boost.
  • C key break.
  • Space key to use power-ups.
  • N key to switch camera.
  • P key or ESC to pause.