Speedboat Challenge Racing

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About Speedboat Challenge Racing


Speedboat Challenge Racing is an awesome racing game. Drive your speedboat to go as fast as possible to be the first driver to finish 2 laps.

If you are seeking the thrill, play this game now. In this game, your mission is to drive your speedboat to race with the other 7 drivers. It is a good idea to follow the colourful plane flying in the sky in order not to get lost. You can utilize the slanted board to accelerate your speed and overtake your opponents. Try not to crash into the cliff as this will slow down your speed. The game only ends after you complete the target laps. Do your best to the first one to complete 2 laps to get a victory. Good luck! The new racetrack and speed boat will be unlocked if you get a victory.

This game offers two modes including Race Mode and Free Drive. If you just want to drive your speedboat and chill, choose Free Drive mode. In a Race Mode, your goal is to race with the other 7 drivers. Try your best to get a victory. Besides, two modes are can be played by two players. Therefore, you can invite your friends to play with you.

Features of Speedboat Challenge Racing:

  • 2 modes including Race Mode and Free Drive
  • Multiplayer
  • Realistic driving controls
  • Stunning 3D visuals and vibrant sound effects

How to play:


  • Press the WASD keys to move
  • Press an F to go faster
  • Press a T key to look back
  • Press a C to change the camera view


  • Press ARROW KEYS to move
  • Press a K key to go faster
  • Press an L key to look back
  • Press a P key to change the camera view.