Trackmania Blitz

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About Trackmania Blitz


Trackmania Blitz is an exhilarating racing game. You win when completing races and being the first to cross the finish line. Let's start this game and try!

By participating in this game, you can enjoy the land of the fastest drivers, where you will compete in the ultimate speed competition and lightning-fast elimination game. Your mission is to compete against 15 other players to demonstrate your driving skills by navigating tight bends, high-speed jumps, and other obstacles. There are changes in the map's geography, and it is not flat. Take precautions. Aside from that, you can employ yellow speed boosts to accelerate and earn advantages on your route to the finish line to win.

As a participant in TrackMania Blitz, you'll be thrown into high-speed real-multiplayer elimination races that are filled with insane leaps, loops, and turbo boosts. Are you capable of becoming a top 2D live multiplayer racer that is both fast and tough? Let's get this game started and see how daring you are!

Features of Trackmania Blitz

  • Exciting online high-speed game
  • Tricky races
  • Multiplayer
  • Leaderboard

How to control

  • Tap to race