Super Yacht Parking


Super Yacht Parking is an awesome driving game with stunning 3D visuals. Drive the yacht to reach the parking spot without hitting the obstacles.

Have you ever driven a yacht? This game will offer you a chance to drive it now. In this game, you have to drive a yacht to follow the designated path and reach the parking boat. Two sides of the path are full of small buoys. If your yacht crashes into them too many times, it can flip and the game is over. Therefore, you must be careful. Furthermore, you have only 1 minute to park the yacht. Be quick! Do your best to park the yacht before the time is over in order to gain the highest possible score.

This game has a total of 20 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Attempt to win all levels and have fun. If you enjoy this game, I recommend you play Speedboat Challenge Racing, Boat Drift, Boat & Dash!, and Geometry Dash on our website.

How to play

Press ARROW KEYS to drive the yacht.

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