Boat & Dash!

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About Boat & Dash!


Get ready to attend the boat race in Boat & Dash!. Drive the boat to dodge all obstacles on the beach and reach the finish line soon to get a victory.

Play this game now to join the boat race. In the race, your objective is to drive the boat to cross the finish line as soon as possible. Watch out for some obstacles such as stones, wooden boxes, tires, barrels, so on. They float on the beach and can destroy your boat if you crash into them. Therefore, you should dash to the left or right to evade them.

This game offers many stages with increasing degrees of difficulty. They are not presented on the main menu. Therefore, you will not know the specific number of stages. Just play and try to complete all of them. Have fun playing! If you are fond of this game, I suggest checking out Geometry Dash, Speedboat Challenge Racing, and Boat Drift on our website.

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to control the boat.