Bullet Jakke Adventure


Play Bullet Jakke Adventure to participate in wonderful adventures with Jakke. Make Jakke fly as far as possible to gain the highest possible score.

In this adventure, Jakke will use a cannon to fly and he needs your help. Your mission is to hold the left mouse button to charge the power of the cannon and then release it to shoot Jakke. While he is flying, you must hold the left mouse button to control Jakke to fly up or down. Make him bounce on the back of the dinosaurs or the mushrooms to fly further. Do your best to collect as many coins as possible. Use them to upgrade the cannon and bullets in the shop.

Check out the game now to take part in exciting adventures. If you want to join more adventures, I suggest you play Jump Ball Adventures, Baby Chico Adventures, Endless Runner 3D, and Geometry Dash on our website.

How to control

Hold and release the left mouse button to shoot.

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