Jump Ball Adventures

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About Jump Ball Adventures


Attend the adventure with the ball in Jump Ball Adventures. Guide the ball to jump over spike traps and reach the finish platform to win the level.

Are you ready to participate in an exciting adventure with the ball? Click the Play button to start it now. In the adventure, you must help the ball to jump over many spike traps. Your objective is to collect three stars along the way and get to the finish platform. Do your best and good luck!

There are 40 levels in this game. The higher the level, the more obstacles you have to overcome. Complete all levels and accumulate as many stars as possible. Spend the stars you earn to buy various balls in the store. Come on! Take a deep breath and dive into wonderful adventures with the ball now. If you want to join more adventures, check out Geometry Dash, Slope Ball, and Heroball Run on our website.

How to control

Press Left-Right Arrow Keys to move left or right.