Slope Ball


Slope Ball is a fun running game. The object of this game is to control your character past all barriers and onto the following levels.

This is an attractive game for your entertainment. Your job is to assist a ball in getting around the barriers on the main track. You will see on the track there are many obstacles. They appear dense and create traps for you. You need to press the spacebar quickly, left mouse button, or up arrow key so your character can jump up and avoid them. Each level can only be passed when you accumulate three stars for each level. You can choose your character in the Change Player section. There are many characters with different colors and shapes here. The characters are so cute, and the eye-catching colors will attract your attention. You can choose a ball, a ship, a robot, or a UFO in the Change player section. Each character has its own characteristics, however, characters with more optimal properties are unavailable. To choose them you need to pass the specified number of levels to be able to unlock them. So try to open as many characters as possible to experience all these cute characters.

Features of Slope Ball:

  • There are many levels for players to try.
  • Many pretty characters to choose
  • Brilliant graphics and vivid sound attract players.
  • Easy to control.

How to play:

  • Use the mouse left button or press the spacebar/ the up arrow key to jump.
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