Endless Runner 3D


Endless Runner 3D is a thrilling running adventure game. You must race through the subway and collect all gold coins in order to progress to new levels.

This game is the finest place to score and earn rewards if you are a good runner. Invite your friends to compete with you in collecting coins and winning beautiful surprises that await you all.

Your goal is to run as far as possible while maintaining a high score. The issue is that there will be numerous roadblocks in your journey to freedom. Try to avoid colliding with any boxes or other barriers you come across. However, there are some positive aspects to this journey. You may come across power-ups that allow you to double the number of diamonds you acquire along the route. It would be best if you ran more to uncover new abilities. These diamonds can be used to buy new characters.

Features of Endless Runner 3D

  • High graphic and art animation quality
  • Endless
  • Unlock new characters

How to play

  • Left Arrow to move left
  • Right Arrow to move right
  • Up Arrow to jump
  • Down Arrow to scroll downwards
  • Space to use the hoverboard
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