Battery Run

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About Battery Run


Battery Run is an interesting running game with many levels. Guide a battery to gather as many batteries as possible and roll to the finish line.

The game starts with a battery. You must control this battery to collect as many batteries as possible along the way. Besides, you also need to be careful with obstacles like buzzsaws and phones on the road. They will decrease the number of batteries. Evade them and roll as fast as possible to reach the finish line. Note the more batteries you can collect, the higher score you can get. Do your best to the highest possible score.

This game has many levels which are not presented on the menu. Attempt to complete all levels and have fun. If you are keen on this game, remember to take a look at Run Dude!, Geometry Dash, Run Sausage Run!, and Ball Run.

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to control the battery.