Run Sausage Run!

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About Run Sausage Run!


Run Sausage Run! is a fun but risky running game. Take on the role of the poor little sausage and make your way as far as you can through this cool and fun game's life-threatening kitchen. The friendly-looking sausage will keep walking forward; your job is to tap the screen to make it desperately run for its life, dodging knives, flames, spinning saws, and a variety of other terrifying traps along the way. You can use extremely beneficial bonuses to freeze all traps for a short period of time or to survive a single lethal hit.

Collect coins to purchase new characters such as eggplant, a shallot, a piece of meat, and others. In this amusing game, you get to feel the terror of a piece of food in a kitchen, fearing for its life. Would you prefer to be decapitated or suffocated? Which one isn't it? Then you should sprint through the kitchen like a maniac, hoping that none of the deadly weapons will catch you and you will escape alive.