Run Dude!

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About Run Dude!


Run Dude! is a crazy running game with many levels. Take control of a guy to evade all fierce dogs on the racetrack and run to the finish line.

Have you ever been chased by dogs? Play this game now to have this interesting experience. In this game, you will control a guy to run as fast as possible to reach the finish line. You need to watch out for aggressive dogs along the way. If you come close to their red range, they will start chasing you and bite you. If you lose jeans because of dogs, you can collect new ones on track. Therefore, you had better dodge them at all costs. Besides, you also need to evade dangerous obstacles on the path. Do your best to cross the finish line safely and earn many coins.

Come on! Play this game to experience the feeling of thrill while you are chased by dogs. If you are fond of this game, let's try playing Geometry Dash, Kill The Monster, Waterpark Slide Race, and Sky Stick.

How to control

Hold the left mouse to control the guy.