Wings Rush

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About Wings Rush


Discover the mysterious worlds with our blue friend in Wings Rush. Scroll over various dangerous obstacles and grab as many rings as possible.

This game is an original version of Wings Rush 2 and Wings Rush Forces. In this version, you also get an opportunity to explore three maps including Greenhill Zone, Rain Cloud Zone, and Lavareef Zone. Each map has different terrain and obstacles. Control the blue hedgehog to jump over deadly traps. Besides, don't ignore the rings you find along the way. Not only do they lengthen your life, but they can also be used to buy new skins in the shop. Therefore, attempt to gather as many rings as possible.

Come on! An exciting adventure is waiting for you. Click the Start button to start it now. If you want to participate in more adventures, try Sonic Motorcycle Adventure and Geometry Dash on our website.

How to control

Click the left mouse button to scroll.