Wings Rush Forces


Traverse different mysterious world with a little bird in Wings Rush Forces. Control a little bird to run and collect as many rings as you can.

The playing rules of this game are similar to Sonik Run and Wings Rush 2. However, in this game, the main character is a little bird. Take control of a little bird to run as fast as possible to the destination where his board is placed. Don't forget to collect yellow rings along the way. They are considered as lives in this game. When you unexpectedly crash into obstacles or enemies on the path, you only lose rings instead of dying. Therefore, you had better collect as many rings as possible. However, if you run out of rings, you will die right after colliding with obstacles. In addition, gathering rings also helps you get extra points. Attempt to get the highest possible score and reach the destination in the shortest time.

Play this game to join exciting adventures with a little bird. After completing these adventures, you can play Geometry Dash for more wonderful adventures with a cube character.

How to control

Press ARROW KEYS or WASD keys to move and jump.

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