Twerk Run

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About Twerk Run


Welcome to Twerk Run which is an exciting running game. Control a thin girl to consume as many hamburgers as possible and run to the finish line.

In this game, you will take control of a thin girl to run to the finish line. You must help her consume as many hamburgers as possible along the way. The more hamburgers she can eat, the bigger her butt is. When reaching the finish line, she can push another girl with her big butt. The further this girl can fall away, the more coins you can get. Use the coins you earn to upgrade your butt push and distance. Besides, you can unlock a new character with 1000 coins in the shop.

Play the game to have moments of fun. If you enjoy this game, I recommend you to try other games of the same style such as Geometry Dash, Stair Run Online 2, City Rush Run, and Stacky Run.

How to control

Hold the left mouse to control the girl.