City Rush Run


Run away from the police and collect real money in City Rush Run. You will face numerous challenges in the city. To avoid injury, jump expertly.

Check out the upgraded store. They can assist you in becoming more effective in the sessions. A magnet, for example, automatically draws all the coins to you. A jetpack lifts you into the air, allowing you to fly over long rows of obstacles. There are additional boosters to try. Join the runner to see what they have to offer!


  • The graphics are fantastic! Despite being a browser-based title, the toy has cool graphics.
  • It's both entertaining and challenging. You'll begin with a simple mode. The difficulty will gradually increase as you progress. It allows you to adjust and better prepare for difficult rounds.
  • It's unpretentious and devoid of violence.
  • City Rush Run is completely free! It means you don't have to pay anything to participate in the adventure.

How to play:

Use navigation keys to move.

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