The Utans


The Utans is an addictive action game featuring 12 levels. Construct troops and place them in given spots to fight against enemies invading your base.

The Utans are under attack by the forces of the unknown. They are sighted in many places in Mayas. Villagers of Ponteamoo village are one of the first to sight them on the horizon and blast the emergency drum to warn the nearby village. However, the invaders won't let that happen easily. Therefore, your mission is to defend the drum. Collect fruits and use them to build the troops. Then, place them in given spots to struggle with the invaders. Besides, you can gather special elements in some levels which can be used in the upgrade menu to improve our troops from scratch.

How to control: Use the mouse to play.

Developer and Platform

This game was created by Feig Ltd which also made Gorillas Tiles Of The Unexpected. It was launched in February 2022. You can play it on both PC and mobile devices, which is identical to Geometry Dash and Kingdom Guards Tower Defense.

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