Gorillas Tiles Of The Unexpected


Gorillas Tiles Of The Unexpected is a board game similar to Mahjong. Make an effort to remove all of the tiles. Tap on the matching ones to earn bombs.

Your goal is to get rid of them all. Tap on combinations of two or more tiles that are adjacent to one another. These tiles will be removed from the board. When you make a gap, the tiles above it will fall down to fill it. If a column is completely cleared away, tiles will also slide to the left.

If two identical tiles fall on top of each other or land next to each other, they will vanish. A half-bomb is awarded for chain reactions. If there are no more tile combinations to tap, the player can blow up the remaining tiles with these bombs.

Tip and trick:

Bombs will become increasingly important near the end of each round, particularly in the game's final three levels. That is why it is critical to saving as many as possible. Look for combinations that will set off a chain reaction, particularly at the bottom of the board.

The first level is your best chance to save up a lot of bombs, and you can carry any remaining bombs into the subsequent levels. If you must use a bomb, try to target tiles that will yield at least half a bomb in return.

When you conquered all levels of this game, you can continue your adventure in Spider Swing Manhattan, Four Colors, and Four In A Row.

How to play:

Use the mouse.

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