Four Colors


Match the card by colors or numbers to get rid of them. The first one who got all their cards gone is the winner! have fun.

Action Cards:

Draw Two: Each of the Draw Two cards have a "+2" on it. This means the following player loses their turn and must draw two cards from the deck.

Skip Card: The Skip card causes the next player to lose their turn.

Reverse Card: The Reverse card causes the order of play to reverse.

Wild Card: Wild Cards have all four colors on them and can be played at any time. The player can then choose the color.

Wild Card Draw Four: This is a unique Wild Card with a "+4" on it. It functions similarly to the Draw Card, except that it also forces the following player to draw four cards. You can only play this card if you don't have any other cards to play that turn.

How to play

Left-click to play.

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