The Aviator


The Aviator is an awesome adventure game with engaging gameplay. Control an aviator to dodge red meteorites and gather energy crystals to raise your energy.

This game is played by driving the aviator to fly around the planet. There are many red meteorites around the planet. Therefore, you should be careful while flying. Take control of your aviator to fly up or down to avoid these obstacles. Moreover, the energy of your aviator is limited. You must collect as many blue crystals as possible to increase your energy and fly further.

Come on! Play this game now to get a chance to drive the aviator. If you find the game interesting, invite your friends or relatives to play with you. Besides, our website presents many exciting games such as Stickjet Challenge, Plane Racing Madness, Geometry Dash, and Airplane Survival. If you have free time, check them out!

How to control

Use the mouse to control the aviator.

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