Tanks Zone io


Drive your tank and protect your lands in Tanks Zone io. Control the tanks to collect extra weapons and shoot down all enemies along the way.

Your opponents plan to attack your lands. As a brave soldier, you must drive your tank to eliminate all your enemies and protect your land. Follow the direct orders of your commander to keep you safe. However, sometimes, you have to be on your own. Don't forget to collect extra weapons such as the machine gun or the flamethrowers on the path. Do your best to take down all rivals and gain as much money as possible. Spend them to unlock upgrades to become more powerful.

Play this game now and show your power. After winning the tank war in this game, you can join Blob Tank Wars, Tanks PVP Showdown, and Tank Zombies 3D for more tank fights. Besides, our website presents Geometry Dash which is an exciting game.

How to control

Press WASD keys or ARROW KEYS to move.

Click the left mouse button to shoot.

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