Tank Zombies 3D


Protect your place from brain-eating zombies in Tank Zombies 3D. Drive your tank to kill as many zombies as possible and earn a lot of coins.

If you want to join zombie fights like Zombie Survival, play this game now. In the fight, you are responsible for driving a tank to break through the swarm of zombies and save the world. Try to kill as many zombies as possible to earn coins. Be careful! Drive your tank to stay away from zombies if you don't want to lose soon. You can meet strong bosses at some levels. To defeat them, you need to collect the power-ups along the way to become more powerful. Do your best! Share the game with your friends and have fun together. If you find this game interesting, don't ignore Geometry Dash which is also an exciting game on our website.

How to control: Hold the left mouse to control the tank.

Dominant features of Tank Zombies 3D

This game features many challenging levels. If you want to beat all of them, you must use the coins you earn to upgrade the Bullet, Life, UAV, and Army of your tank. Furthermore, the shop sells various powerful tanks. Use your coins to purchase your favourite tank.

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