Zombies Survival

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About Zombies Survival


Zombies Survival is an exciting shooting game. Your mission is to aim accurately and shoot down all zombies in the city to earn as many coins as possible.

The civilians in the city were infected with a deadly virus and turned into zombies. As a mercenary, you are hired to kill all zombies in the city. Attempt to aim accurately at their head and kill them with one shot. Keep in mind that the number of bullets is limited. Therefore, you have to shoot down all zombies with as less bullets as possible. In case you run out of bullets, you can change your weapons. You have to prioritize killing the nearest zombies as they can attack you easily. Run as fast as possible to avoid their attack if you don't want to die soon. Throw the grenades to damage more zombies. Try your best to defeat all zombies in the city to get a victory and move on to the next level. You will claim a lot of coins after winning a level. Spend the coins you earn at the store to purchase new characters and weapons.

This game features many levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Do your best to accomplish all levels to protect the city from zombies. Come on! It's an opportunity to show off your shooting skills.

Features of Zombies Survival:

  • Various characters to select
  • A variety of guns and weapons to unlock
  • 10 challenging levels
  • Simple controls
  • Excellent 3D graphics and realistic sound effects

How to play:

  • Press the S-D keys to move
  • Press R to change the weapon
  • Press the right mouse button to aim
  • Press the left mouse button to shoot.