Super Spice Dash


Welcome to Super Spice Dash which is an endless running game. Control a meatball to collect as many gold crumbs as you can and roll as far as possible.

In this game, you need to take control of the meatball to roll on the endless racetrack. This racetrack is full of dangerous obstacles. If the meatball crashes into them, it will fall out of the track and the game ends. Therefore, you should control it to jump or steer left or right to evade them. Do your best to go at the furthest distance to gain the highest possible score. Additionally, you also need to grab the gold crumbs on the path. Collect as many gold crumbs as possible.

Featuring an endless racetrack and beautiful 3D graphics, this game will attract you for hours to play. Join the game now and have fun. This game is designed for anyone who likes speed games such as Geometry Dash, Food Roll, and Roller Coaster.

How to control

Press Left-Right Arrow Keys to move left or right.

Press an Up Arrow Key or the Spacebar to jump.

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