Roller Coaster

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About Roller Coaster


Roller Coaster is an entertaining game featuring many levels. Guide the wagon to dodge many obstacles and collect as many riders as possible.

Play this game and grow your own amusement park. Control the crazy wagon to ride on the stunt track and reach the finish line as soon as possible. The track has various obstacles such as spikes and bombs. Therefore, you must control the train to tilt left or right to dodge them. Don't forget to collect the money and pick up new passengers along the way. Keep in mind that the more passengers you can collect, the higher reward you can claim. Try to cross the finish line safely and obtain a lot of money. Play the game and enjoy it! If you like the game, don't ignore Geometry Dash which is also an exciting game on our website.

How to control: Hold the left mouse to control the train.

The shop in Roller Coaster

In the shop, you can purchase various passengers and wagons. All of them are locked. You must use the money you earn to unlock a random passenger or wagon. Note that the amount of money that you must pay to unlock will increase gradually. Therefore, you had better earn as much money as possible.