Squidly Game Tug Of War

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About Squidly Game Tug Of War


Participate in a deadly challenge in Squidly Game Tug Of War. Pull the rope to make the opposite team fall off their platform and score many points.

If you are keen on The Squid Games, don't ignore this game. In this game, you will join the Tug Of War challenge. In this challenge, there are two teams standing on two different platforms. Your mission is to guide your team to pull the rope as well as possible to make the opposite team fall off their platform. After falling off their platform, the opposite team will be pulled to the guillotine suspending between the two platforms. Then, the knife of the guillotine will drop and they will die. if your opponents die, you will score one point. Do your best to score more points than your rivals to become the winner.

This game features two game modes including 1 Player and 2 Player. Choose one of them to play now. If you love this game, check out Squid Game 2, Geometry Dash, and Squid Doll Shooter Game on our website.

How to control


Press an Up Arrow Key to pull.


Press a W key to pull.