Squid Doll Shooter Game

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About Squid Doll Shooter Game


Welcome to Squid Doll Shooter Game which is an entertaining arcade game Shoot the head of the doll at the tiles to eliminate them and complete the level.

The gameplay of this game is similar to Idle Pinball Breakout and Brick Out 240. In this game, you have to shoot the head of the Younghee doll at the tiles at the top of the screen to eliminate them. Besides, you can collect more heads by shooting at the heads at the top. Do your best to remove all tiles to gain the highest possible. Try not to let the tiles touch the bottom of the screen unless you want to lose the game soon.

There are a total of 30 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Do your best to beat all levels and have fun. If you find this game interesting, share it with your friends or relatives. Besides, our website presents Geometry Dash and Bombs Drops Physics Balls which are exciting games. Check them out!

How to control

Click the left mouse button to shoot.