Squid Assassin

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About Squid Assassin


Join thrilling fights against the masked men in Squid Assassin. Break into the basement of operatives of the Squid Game to save players in green.

Are you a big fan of Squid Game.Io? If you are keen on this famous Korean movie, check out this game now. In this game, you will become a shooter whose mission is to break into the basement of the operatives of this deadly game. Your target is the masked men and robot dolls in the basement. Kill as many masked men and robot dolls as possible to stop the deadly challenge. Attempt to avoid your enemies' attack and rescue players wearing green clothes. You will claim a lot of diamonds after completing the mission. You can spend diamonds to purchase more powerful characters in the shop.

Don't wait anymore! This game is designed for anyone who loves action scenes. If you are keen on this game, I suggest you should try playing Squid Fighter and Geometry Dash.

How to control

Use the mouse to control the character.