Squid Game.Io

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About Squid Game.Io


Squid Game.Io is a game based on the plot of the Korean survival drama TV series Squid Game played on Netflix. You must join the fierce competition for survival.

The game's gameplay is straightforward, and your whole strategy will be based on how well you coordinate your moves across a large area in order to avoid being tracked by armed men. As you can see, you're surrounded by a group of individuals dressed in green suits, much like yours, who is sprinting towards the mechanical doll. Several troops with machine weapons are stationed around the mechanical doll. They will shoot at the walking individuals when the red light is turned on.

The whole action of the game will unfold like this: only when you see the green light on, you have to go to the doll. When this light bulb changes from green to red, you must stop immediately. If you don't stop running, you will be shot and killed by someone looking at you on the edge of the battlefield. When the light bulb changes from green to red, the entire platform you step on will turn red. Another important aspect is that above the tree you have to go to is a clock that works counterclockwise, which tells you that there are many seconds left before the robot's face. If this time has passed, you will not be able to continue the game.

In the upper right corner, you can see how much money you made throughout the game. The whole activity takes place in a wheat field, and unless you manage to reach the robot face in front of you, you cannot escape from there.

How To Play:

Use the mouse to move.