Ski King 2022


Play Ski King 2022 to participate in the exciting skiing championship. Ski on the snowy mountain and attempt to evade all dangerous obstacles.

If you are a skiing champion in Downhill Ski, play this game now to join a more thrilling skiing championship. In this game, you need to ski your way through the parkours to the foot of the mountain. Be careful with snow bumps, rocks, ice, and glazed frozen water puddles. These obstacles will slow you down. Therefore, you must dodge them and reach the finish line in the shortest time. Don't forget to collect as many coins as possible and use them to upgrade your carve, boost, and stability.

Play this game now and join 30 skiing competitions in this game. It is an opportunity to polish your skiing champion title. If you enjoy this game, don't ignore Geometry Dash, Sky Ski, and Roller Ski Queen.

How to control

Press Left-Right Arrow Keys to move.

Press the Spacebar to increase the speed.

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