Downhill Ski


Downhill Ski is a crazy hybrid of extreme sports and an exhilarating game. You must control a skier in the game to complete the snow race track.

Get dressed and join this snow race track. You will have a very enjoyable experience while playing the game. What great skills would a professional skier have? Can you be one of the greatest skiers? Your character will participate in this game without any pressure from peer competitors. You will ski on your wide track. However, on the road, the obstacles create many challenges for you. All of them can make you fall at any time if you did not focus on the road. The higher level, the more barriers you must face. Control skillfully to avoid colliding with them.

The gameplay of Downhill Ski

This game is very simple to play. Use left and right arrow keys to control your character. When facing the fence and stone, turn left or right to avoid it. The game will end in two cases. Firstly, you reach the finish line safely and have more points than the requested points. Secondly, if you hit the obstacle, you will fall immediately and the game is over.

Some tips for you

  • To avoid colliding with the track wall, let's ski on the centre track. You can ski easily because the snow track is fairly wide.
  • Turn left and right constantly to avoid obstacles.
  • To succeed, amass the necessary number of points for each level.

How to play

  • Use the left and right arrow keys to play.
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