Santa Slide

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About Santa Slide


Santa Slide is a challenging puzzle game featuring 60 levels. Your mission is to move the sliding ice blocks to help Santa reach the door easily.

Santa is on the way to send gifts to kids. However, his way is blocked by the icy blocks. Can you help him? Your task is to move the sliding icy blocks to help Santa open the way. These blocks can only be moved in the horizontal or vertical direction. Think carefully before you transfer the blocks. Do your best to help Santa get to the door as soon as possible.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to move the blocks.

Playable levels in Santa Slide

Like Geometry Dash, this game also has many levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Specifically, you are expected to win 60 levels. Try your best! If you want to play games with a Christmas theme, try Santa Claus Merge Numbers, Santa Chase, and Running Santa.