Running Santa


Get ready to join a non-stop running race in Running Santa. Take control of Santa to overcome many obstacles and collect as many gift boxes as possible.

Santa is on the way to collect the gifts for Christmas. Can you help him? Control Santa to run as fast as possible to reach the destination. Watch out for dangerous obstacles such as sharp knives, spikes, rocks, and gaps between the platforms. Guide Santa to jump as high as possible to dodge them. Sometimes, you can utilize the trampoline to jump higher or the other boosters which help you to run faster. Do your best to gather as many gift boxes as possible to send to children worldwide on Christmas.

Like Geometry Dash, this game has many hard levels. Specifically, you are expected to complete 21 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Try to win all levels. If you want to join more adventures with Santa, check out Santa Hill Climbing Games, Santa On Wheelie Bike, and Santa Claus Finder.

How to control

Press an Up Arrow Key to jump.

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